"Clean Environment & Economic Prosperity through Floriculture"

23rd FLORA EXPO 2020

Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal,  27-30 March 2020 (2076 Chaitra 14-17)










A multi-trading platform--the gathering of almost all the segments of floriculture industries at one common destination, can be witnessed at Flora Expo. Floriculture Association Nepal(FAN) once again presents for you the 22nd Flora Expo 2019 in Nepal. The overwhelming success of all the preceding exhibitions with increased exhibitor & visitor participation including high-volume business growth has made floriculture trade fair one of the most sought-after trade events in Nepal.

The venue chosen is again the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu, Nepal, and the dates have been scheduled for March 22-24, 2019 (Chaitra 8-10, 2075). As an exhibitor, you can showcase your latest products and services to potential buyers from nationwide and across the world. You can also launch new products and services and create a market for the same. You can avail a whole lot of benefits, a partial list of which is enumerated below:

  • Enter into business dealings with prospective buyers
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the industry
  • Meet agents and distributors for marketing of your products/services
  • Enter into joint ventures with prospective players at the global level
  • Create and expand your market worldwide
  • Get exposure among your counterparts as well as buyers
  • Establish long-term business contact with the desired audience.
22nd Flora Expo 2019 is expected to break all past records. The flora expo has been playing an instrumental role since its last 22 editions, promoting business related to all sectors of the floriculture industry. The expo has turned out to be an exclusive meeting ground for businessmen, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, importers, distributors, service providers, and flower lover. All these factors have made Floriculture ExhibitionTrade Fair the leading floriculture trade event in Nepal.

Participation: An Application attached with the 22nd FLORA EXPO 2019, Exhibitor Contract Form, duly filled for participation has to be submitted by the interested Nursery companies/firms/organizations. Acceptance of participation will be at the sole discretion of the organizer.
Participation Charge for 3 days:

Stall Size:

1, Fabricated stall size will be 3m x 3m.  (Three side close)
Single stall of size 3m x 3m and following services will be charged for an national & International participants who will display / promote their products and services but not directly sale their products during the Expo. 
Stall size 3mx3m per stall USD 315.00 only or Nrs 35000/- for non-Members

2, Normal stall size will be 4m x5m.  (open) 
Stall size: 4x5m per stall charge =Nrs 25,000/- (for FAN member), Nrs.35000 for non-member

Exhibitors Benefits:
Each stall includes 1 table, 2 plastic chairs, and 1 tube light, 1 plug point, Carpeted flooring. If exhibitor needs more facilities, the management team will supply on the available basis with extra charge.
• Stall of the required size
• Security services 
• 4 Free Exhibitor pass – IDs for one stall
• Participation Certificate 
• Information Desk.

Allocation of stall:
Stall allocation will be done by the organizer on first come first serve basis but only on receipt of duly filled application form attached with the EXHIBITOR CONTRACT FORM. Stalls will be allotted to the participants only, and no sub-letting will be allowed, the decision of the organizer will be final and binding.

Possession of stall:
Possession of stall will be given only on receipt of full payment including space rent, etc. Possession will be provided to the participants two days before the opening of the EXPO. However, it is necessary that all display arrangements have to be completed before the possession.

Construction of stall:
Interior design of stall will have to be approved by the organizer before the start of construction. Participants will not be allowed to use passages inside the hall for construction or any other purposes otherwise the organizer will have the right to penalize in all such cases or for any damages done. Construction work will be permitted only within the areas allotted, inside or outside of the hall; participants will be responsible for removal of waste materials at least 12 hours before the opening of the EXPO. Unnecessary materials shall not be allowed to be kept behind the partitions of stall and cleanliness and maintenance of stalls will be the responsibility of participants. The cleaning of common passages/areas will be the responsibility of the organizer.

Operation of stall:
No stall will be left unattended during EXPO. The authorized staff/s of a participating company must be present at least one hour before the opening of the EXPO. No activity, which in the opinion of organizer causes nuisance, will be allowed. The organizer shall have the right to take remedial action in such cases.

Vacation of stall:
Stall has to be vacated within 24 hours after the end of the EXPO. If there is a delay, the participants have to pay penalty as decided by the organizer. The organizer will have the right to remove the exhibits/materials at the risk and cost of participants. Storage of exhibits in the open area will not be permitted after completion of the EXPO. In case of failure to meet this provision, the concerned participant/s will have to pay rent at the rate of Rs. 1000/-per sqm, per day.

The organizer will provide the general security arrangements, however, participants will be responsible for the security of own exhibits and stalls. They will be responsible to make security arrangements of their stalls through security agencies approved by the organizer. No other agency will be allowed to operate inside the hall.

Services agencies:
Stand construction, decoration, furnishing, cleaning, electricity supply system, extra items like table, chair, spot light, tube light, carpet and catering services can be availed by the participants only from those contractor who are registered with the organizer.

Terms of payment:
Participants should submit full payment in advance as per the conditions of the total space rent and other services.

Breach of contract:
Once the organizer sends the letter of confirmation to exhibitors and if the exhibitor fails to meet the prescribed rule of payments or fails to occupy all or part of the space allotted to him or her, the organizer reserves the right to provide the space to another applicant.

Violation of rules:
In the event of violation of these rules, the organizer shall have the right to close down the stall of the concerned participant/s immediately and stall and other related charges will not be refunded.

Once application of exhibitor contract form is received and agreed by the exhibitor and organizer, the collected space rent will be entertained, unless in a very serious and unavoidable circumstances.

The decision of the organizer shall be final and binding on the participants, if any dispute arises on the interpretation of rules and regulations and in any other issues related to the EXPO.

Smoking: Smoking inside the EXPO hall is strictly prohibited.


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